Interviews and Interrogations

Here is a list and link to every interview I have done to date. There is gold in these here hills, so mine it. Actually, if I wanted to create a new writer’s primer, I would just past these interviews into a document and print them. Thank you to all the people that have so kindly donated their time to answer my… questions.

Interview with Apex Slush Editor Maggie (Slater) Jamison: My first interview and the template for every one that came after. We eventually became good friends, and we have worked as each other’s preliminary reader several times… (she’s really good).

Interview with Absent Willow Co-Founder Rick DeCost: I love the Absent Willow Review. I push them every chance I get because they are free, art heavy and full of good fiction. I pushed Absent Willow, long before they published my stuff, and I still push them.

Interview with Jason Stoddard: My first “Writer” interview. I liked his writing, still do. He has this “principle.”

Interview with Futurismic Editor, Chris East: I had collected about twelve rejections from Chris East by the time I decided to interview him. He was very cool and it made the next twelve rejections (and counting!) much easier to swallow?

Interview with Electric Velocipede Founder/Editor John Klima: My first Hugo award winner. I don’t dote on awards, but when I was 13 I decided to read the entire Hugo award list and it was a wonderful journey, so I’m a bitĀ sentimental. Check out the picture he sent me.

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