The Future, blocked, and friends

8 07 2016

I’ve been really bad at posting here lately. I mean just utterly a failure. To be honest, my writing life isn’t doing much better. I’ve not produced a single complete work of fiction in over a year. It’s like the ideas are just gone. That being said, I recently was given a grain of hope from an old friend who observed that I have always tended to write in intense bursts. She’s right of course and I’m just too self-absorbed to have noticed it. 2010 saw me produce nearly 30 complete stories; I was sometimes finishing a story in a day. I suppose I must trust my process, even if my process is really obnoxious.

So the main reason I’m back here at all is a piece of news that I heard that completely blows my mind. It is world changing- a tectonic shift in what humans are and will be, and nobody seems to be making a big deal about it.Check this out and tell me I’m wrong.


A SYNTHETIC STINGRAY!! It is the end of the beginning (to quote that sad ass robot from the Kris Kristofferson movie Millennium). It is a cyborg, an honest to goodness human-made bio-synthete. If you ask me this is a major step toward a post-human future. Neuro-silica transduction here we come!

So that’s all I have. I’m not writing, but I am reading voraciously and trying to forgive my brain for not doing what I want it to. Here’s to waiting and seeing.




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