Remembrances of Humiliations Past

7 04 2014

Okay so I’ve been sitting here all day feeling pretty crappy and I started logic-tree webbing through all my favorite music from twenty years ago and I remembered a very embarrassing story. I was at a Kentucky Derby party and was drinking Czechoslovakian Absinthe and smoking pot all morning and I went to play Frisbee with a few new friends one of which was the girl from the band Low who I had a really painful crush on and so we’re playing Frisbee and we haven’t dropped it in like twenty rounds and she chucks it to me but real high like so it is not going to get caught. But I think, “I’m going to catch this fucking Frisbee through an heroic burst of speed and strength and she is going to like me so much because of it”- such is the logic of twenty year younger me. So off I go none stop, eye on that floppy-flying prize, full focus, and I don’t hear the yells, the cries to stop, I don’t see the five foot chain link fence until I am quite literally tumbling over it head first. I got a gash to the belly and a knee that looked like a grape fruit. I spent the rest of Derby Day in a hammock between the second and first floor patio’s of Jen Walter’s house. Will Oldham gave me bourbon. Todd Cook gave me weed. Robin Cook said, “oh! they broke my android!” It was the happiest day of my life.

The song below came out a few years after the above happened, but it kind of nails it.





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7 06 2014


7 06 2014


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