Evil returns to the world! and other tropes

24 01 2014

“Hmmm,” the hero says, “what could be inside the black, rune-studded can? Let’s open it and see.”

Well if our hero had been reading MY NEW FAVORITE WEBSITEshe would have known that you never want to open up a can of evil. The site, TVTropes.org is so thorough and fantastic that I am really not sure how I survived prior to finding it. It is the collected and described tools of modern storytelling, ruthlessly dissected, exemplified, and cataloged. I discovered it while researching some Vernor Vinge villians (V3’s for you laymen and laywomen) and I came across the trope category of “Sealed Evil in a Can.” Now I never really thought about it that hard, but really, haven’t we all written stories about sealed evil in a can?

I have taken a gander at lists and missives about the common tropes of writing before, and my reaction was always to try and escape those confines, but I don’t have to be Karl Jung to know that YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE UNIVERSE. Unless I want to just go full on surrealism then I’d better know the tropes. In fact, you can browse the tropes to pick which one you want to write about/with. You’ll never tell an original story, but you can tell an old story with originality. Think of this site as a sort of Tarot Deck for writers. Pick a card, any card. My personal favorites are alien archaeology. What are yours?

So a note about coming back to this. Life is a word that ruins any sentence it preambles. And my life is noneya, but for the scope tscof, I will say I’m no longer working as a house-husband. Back in the sciences (hooray!) and not writing a bit. Oh, I churn out a paragraph or two everyday, but they don’t turn into stories. I’m still reading 2-4 shorts a day and I’ve digested about 600k words in the last three weeks, so that is something I suppose.

For all of my readers that are still subscribed, thanks for sticking around, I will be back soon.






2 responses

29 01 2014

Hey! Look who’s back! *wave*

31 01 2014
Scott W. Baker

I thought you should know, I just nominated you for (okay, more bestowed upon you) a Liebster Award. Here’s what it is: http://scottwbaker.net/2014/01/31/and-i-thought-i-won-a-lobster/

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