Coming soon: The “Sheekh Geek” Awards, vote now!

5 05 2011

I am looking for votes on the “sheekhest geeks.” What do I mean? Well, people who are high functioning individuals outside of traditional “geek culture” venues such as science fiction, gaming, role-playing, or (squid help me) furry fetishists. What I’m looking for a people that you know are geeks- even closet geeks- and yet still manage to play an important roll in “jock culture” … so to speak. For this contest I am suspending the tech industry’s status as a geek industry. Those assholes run the world and we might as well get used to the fact that bits are now equated to barrels. So, tell me what geeks you love. Vote early, vote often.

tsof hurray.

a note- I need a break from publishing my rejections so this is it. Though you should go and buy “The Zombie Feed V.1” which has my story “Zombies on the Moon.” Yep, on the moon. I always wanted to write a “Vampires in Space” type story. Here tis.




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