The Zombie Feed answers a question and my new favoritest animal… IN THE WORLD!

16 03 2011

Many of you will know that I have a story coming out shortly in a wonderful Zombie anthology. You can pre-order it now; just follow this link. I encourage to do so. I know a few of the authors in this thing and have read several of them. All good things. It is a Jason Sizemore (go KY!) product and his reputation as an anthologist is truly in ascension. He’s also a wicked tough editor.

The Zombie Feed website recently took questions from readers for the authors to answer which you should also check out. Mine is the boring one that sounds like it was written by an almost retired humanities teacher. You’ll see it- sandwiched in between witty and funny. You’ll read what the writers predict in the decades, centuries and eons after the last brain is eaten. (hint- my answer wiggles out of the question)

While you’re on site you should check the “dear Putrescence” feature. It’s “dear Abby” for the dead.

Onward and upward. Working on a new story and trying out a longer format. A novella is generally considered 15k-40k, and typically is unpublishable. I don’t mean that it isn’t possible to publish a novella, I just mean that it’s more words and space than most publications want to pay for or use up. It isn’t easy to see a 22k word story in your “unpublished” file. That many words takes a lot of time when you consider writing, editing, and revising. So I tended toward much shorter forms these past couple of years, but there are real limitations to the story telling in a short. I like taking my time with characters, letting them breath and grow. And so I picked a story that I outlined about a decade ago and I’m going to see what happens. I have the first chapter written and I am working on chapter two. 28oo words down!

And on to my new favorite animal.

You all probably know that I once thought nothing was cuter than baby fur seals

i'm so cuddwe-wuddwe

Then I really got into otters

give me some nuzzly-poos!

But seals and otters got nothing on…







The giant isopod- Bathynomus Giganteus!!!

I know it isn’t really cuddly by “normal” standards, but the largest member of the family that includes pillbugs (roly poly in the Latin) is awesome enough to overcome any other deficiencies. Living on the deep, dark, benthic flats, the Bathynomus Giganteus lives a pleasant, long life of gorging on dead whales, sharks and smaller crustaceans.

everything on earth loves MSG!!!

Oh, and Doritos™, which proves that it’s not just you, those nasty finger staining chips really taste that good.

The Bathynomus Giganteus has been crawling around the planet since Africa, South America and Europe were all on the same street. I spent a good portion of my childhood near the sea and I always dug the crustaceans, especially the oddities that sometimes washed ashore. Second to the horseshoe crab, this is the oddest.

And in case you can’t find anything cute that doesn’t have visible eyes:

Yaaaay, gross bugs!!!

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3 responses

19 02 2013

I love that! Thank you!

19 02 2013

Thank you, they’re pretty cute.

3 09 2013
Aaron Baldwin

The picture of the Bathys with the Doritos is one of mine. I kind of like how it circulated from a relatively obscure research page and is now easy to find (yours was #3 in a Google image search). I am especially glad to find someone who appreciates them as much as I do. This was taken during the Deep Wrecks Project in the Gulf of Mexico. The photo was the result of me working night shift after a discussion with the galley Chief that ended with “You are not storing those f*ing cockroaches in my freezer”. Well, everyone goes on break sometime ;). – Aaron Baldwin

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