The Zombie Feed to publish me in an anthology full of… ZOMBIES!

26 01 2011

I’ve said this a million times- I love Apex Books/Magazine. I started reading it way back in 2005 when I found copies of its first issue on the magazine rack in a little used bookstore that I used to hang out in (I have an abiding love for the small used bookstore and I fear that they are a dying breed). I had my first pro-level sale at Apex and you never forget your first. So fast forward a few years and a couple of dozen rejections and- low and behold- I’m proud to announce that your’s truly will grace the pages of… A Zombie Anthology? I mention Apex because The Zombie Feed is a project brought forth by Apex founder and prophet, Jason Sizemore. Beyond the fact that Jason can do no wrong and is always the president of the “cool kid’s table” at any convention he goes to, Mr. Sizemore has the uncanny ability to apply fission to the substance of time, splitting the 23.94 hours into 396.44 hours. It’s either that or he is actually the ten armed, ten legged, ten head(ed?) god of eternal energy and transformation, Kali. Maybe he’s both. So, in the spirit of his infinite prowess for production, Jason has created a zombie imprint. (Note: “zombie imprint” means a website/publishing group dedicated to the flourishing zombie genre not an unkillable, unthinking monster that acts as a vector

A zombie swarm, oh wait, the Glenn Beck Rally.

for an insidious virus- in other words Ace Books)

So The Zombie Feed is putting out a zombie anthology sometime in March and I am honored to have an inclusion. Submissions were solicited back in the fall on the Apex Magazine website as a contest. I had written a zombie story a couple of months earlier after seeing a story called Space Vampyres!. It was a throwback title from the dark ages of science fiction when most sci-fi writers made their living writing westerns. The golden age of sci-fi was still a decade down the road and the great scientist-authors, Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, were still establishing their voices. Pulp reigned in sci-fi and titles were exercises in hyperbole. In that spirit I wrote a zombie story called, “Zombies on the Moon,” and submitted it. I waited and waited and then queried only to discover that it had been lost. I blame myself, two other stories I had submitted had failed to make it to an editor’s in-box which makes me think that I futzed up somehow. Suffice to say, I queried and Jason loved it and now my readers will get blitzed with exhortations to purchase the book.

To be honest, I had a feeling that Mr. Sizemore had taken my story as a sort of consolation for the two-dozen or so rejections I have had over the past two years. It gave me the feeling that you get when you realize that your grandmother is letting you win a game of cards because she feels sorry for you. Then I remembered who I was dealing with. Jason Sizemore wouldn’t publish a story by his mother  who submitted it as her dying wish if he didn’t like it.

So go to The Zombie Feed Website and check out the wealth of undead goodies. I will add the link to my sideboard soon, but for now follow the link above. Oh, and check out “Dear Putrescence.” It’s hilarious.

That’s The Science of Fiction. Next up I will discuss what to do with your ego when an editor sends you the story she wants to publish and you discover that the story is… changed!!!

Oh, and a side note. The Apex Book Company is selling Both Descended From Darkness anthologies for the whopping low price of $25.00. That includes a Butler County story by me! For my Butler County readers this is a golden opportunity to see if you’ve made an appearance (or disappearance!) in my fiction.


Andrew Clark Porter



3 responses

4 02 2011
Michael burden

Glenn Beck rally! Priceless.

13 02 2011
Simon McCaffery

Congrats on the sale, and nice blog. One of my stories also made it into the TZF antho, and I was thrilled. I love the title of your story and am looking forward to reading it. Cheers.

13 02 2011

Well I am happy to hear it! Actually, I know (and like) your work. More importantly, I believe you are currently living in a city that I am moving fairly close to next week! Stars are strange.

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