Sabbatical Part… part, well part whatever: The Fruits of Sabbaticals!

25 10 2010

So as part of my sabbatical I have been going through older stories that I thought suck donkey bubbles. With the benefit of new eyes. My friend Maggie Jamison sent me a wonderful thought about this in a recent email and I share it with you now.

Hope the trip helps superglue your inner editor's mouth shut for a
while so you can get some more writing done! Also: I love it when I go
back to a story I thought sucked and discover that I love it.
Alternatively, I hate it when I go back to a story I thought was
awesome and discover that it actually sucks. Just goes to show you how
difficult it is for writers to objectively rate their own work--at
least without some significant distance, first. ^_^

I include the little cutesy face that she uses as part of her punctuation schemata because it is part of her written personality and besides I don’t view ” ^_^”  as a smiling anime face so much as the top half of a very serious cat’s head. But I digress, perhaps it’s a serious bear.

She is dead on correct, as is her custom. I encourage all of you to take the advice she gives. I took it very seriously and dove further into my “hidden treasure” file (actual file is entitled “shit I quit” but that is neither here nor there either). Low and behold the fossil collector in me hammered through the strata of my last twelve months of endeavor and came out with some gems, eh, er.. trilobites. One in particular I liked enough to do a bit of very minor polishing (see post: Robert’s Rules), and submit. Low and Behold today I can say that the story got

I will share the email with you because I have shared soooo many rejections and this isn’t Lucy and Charlie Brown with the football.

Dear Andrew–

Thank you for submitting your story for our consideration. I am pleased
to inform you that “Preacher at the End of the World" has been accepted
and will appear in the January 16, 2010 issue of The Absent Willow Review.
Please continue submitting and thank you for sharing your work with us!

Kindest Regards,

Bob Griffin
The Absent Willow Review
Absent Willow Publishing,LLC

Many of my regular readers will remember my interview with Absent Willow Review co-founder, Rick Decost sometime back. Absent Willow is one of my favorite reading spots online and I can tell you that I have probably submitted fifteen times to them. To rediscover a piece of work that I had been unduly hard on and find such a fast and favorable home for it is a hell of a lesson. I’m pleased as peaches. I will keep you updated on the story and others that are working their way through the world.

So for now that is a (uniquely) successful Science of Fiction.

thanks to the people who occasionally kick my ass into positive action ^_^ …. like that angry bear.

Andrew Clark Porter





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26 10 2010

You’re welcome. ^_^

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