Call of Cthulhu!!!!

26 09 2010

Reasons why you shouldn’t stay up late drinking and listening to Metallica’s “Call of Cthulhu” over and over and over again.

1. You will not go back to sleep

2. You will do weird things to yourself like draw octopus on your arm in red permanent marker

4. You’ll wonder aloud, “where did all the metal go?”

5. Where is number “3”… God is dead mother fucker, god is dead.

666. you will finish all the lasagna that you had left over from dinner tonight. Every last bit. And you won’t worry about the fact that you are turning to a pile of lard while you do it, because tomorrow isn’t coming my friend. no no no. It is going to be cold dark night forever and ever.

The science of fictiön

have a nice death†




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