A long vacation and all things end.

1 08 2010

So where have I been? Good question, and worth answering. I was getting all ready and gussied up for the con and then I disappeared. It all started at a round table discussion on anthologies. One of the panelists said the words, “just get off your ass and write already.” Now these words could have easily come from me, but they didn’t and perhaps that is why I took them so seriously.

I got a little face time with an agent. I need a novel in the bag. One I like. So I went home and started work on the one I have been avoiding for the five years. Granted they were five years of short fiction writing, workshops and general craft improvement, but they were also years spent avoiding another novel. The last one I wrote took a lot out of me and brought me face to face with my limits as a writer. I have worked very hard to break through those limitations in the interim.

Now I just need to get my main protagonist to work. I don’t mean get the mechanics of the story to move in a logical or lyrical way. I mean that he is at home and he needs to get to his job and it is giving me real trouble for some reason. I think he is a walker. It’s six blocks. I really need to visit the city the story is set in again.

More as it’s available.


the science of fiction




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