A brief respite

12 03 2010

So my planned release of an interview with Chris East of Futurismic is getting

This is in my nose holes!

pushed back on account of two things. One, I’m sick. I have some viral hell raging in my throat and I don’t feel I can give this interview narrative justice and it is just so damned good.

Secondly, and more importantly, my girlfriend (yes, I have one!) was just in a really hairy car wreck and I feel as though I am needed for nurturing support right now. Granted, she is tougher than I am and will probably punch me when I try to nurture, but it’s a risk I have to take. So it’s movie’s and cuddles for a couple of days.

Not our wreck, but it feels like it.

So that is the delay of the science of fiction. I will resume asap, so don’t abandon me yet. Here is how the cold looks… from the inside-

I'm so photogenic on a microscopic level.



One response

13 03 2010

Gross details, but my best to your girlfriend! Car wrecks suck.

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