SOLD! in which our hero finally sells a story.

14 01 2010

It’s been a long dry run, but I moved some fiction today. Oddly enough to one of the anthology publishers I was complaining about in my last post. I will now be unable to push this site on my new publisher. Oh well.

I got a message from the editor saying that he had tried to call me (they do that at this press, which is fine) and that there was a problem with the number I had put on my story header. The problem with the number was that when he called I picked up the phone and immediately hung it up. Then he called back and I did it again….   Now let me tell you about Hair World. Hair World was a business of some kind, I suppose they sold wigs, weaves, and extensions but that is only a guess, and Hair World had my phone number before I did. Hair World is no longer in business. Hair World owes a lot of people a lot of money. I get so many calls from bill collectors, wig seekers, and job searchers that, as of today, I started just hanging up the phone when strangers called. The first call I hung up on, yeah, that’s right. The only calls I hung up on…. *sigh*.  I won’t get any pro credit from this sale, I don’t really care. Their books look really nice and they have a good website and amazon presence. My only regret is that I was saving this story for Apex because it seemed really up their alley, I mean really really perfect for them, but you can’t ever be sure and a bird in the hand is worth two in the, wait.. a bird in the kettle is worth a bush, no, wait.

So its sold. The lucky winner? Living Dead Press. The editor, Tony, is a very exited person and he went over every aspect of L.D.P. with me, his editing process, the contracts etc.  I’m a fairly subdued person these days, and mostly I just listened and nodded my head, which I don’t think he could hear. The important thing is he loves what he does, his books look great, and he has one of my stories. One day I will peddle it to you.

Technically not the science of fiction. Just me celebrating the news.

I’ll get to questions soon. Good night.

Oh, and Clarkesworld is open for submissions at midnight. I am so staying up for that.




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