The art and science of getting a sale.

15 12 2009

Getting published is never easy, no matter what the genre, but it is particularly difficult in what I would call the flooded genres: i.e. the genres that everyone assumes they can write. Detective fiction, fantasy, horror, and science fiction provide the world with millions of fans who believe that because they are reading things that rarely win the straight fiction prizes (Pulitzer, Nobel, Booker etc.) that any hack can write in their favored genre. I believe in native talents, Arthur Rimbaud produced his greatest works by the age of eighteen, but for the rest of us drooling masses writing is a work of patient cultivation of our skills. Most slush pile editors could hand you a stack of stories by authors whose only¬†qualifications are that they really love science fiction movies. There is nothing wrong with a love of ones chosen genre; I find straight fiction writers who dabble in the ‘low forms’ often produce crummy work (especially in crime writing). Yet if you want to get published you must start looking at writing as a craft, like woodworking or cooking, that with patient practice and determination you can get better at.

This blog has a two fold purpose. The first is to help other writers in the science fiction genre. I have been writing for years and I have been writing science fiction most of that time. I have put together a useful pallet of experience that I want to share and expand. Of course, more generally, I would like to aid the writers of all second genre fiction. Crime fiction, fantasy etc, you will have a home here too. In the near future I will be going over ways to find a venue for your writing as well as methods for improving your craft.

The second purpose here is to document my own quest to continue getting published. This second purpose is ultimately in service to the first. In this regard I will be sharing rejections, edit requests, and venues that seem …sketchy with you my non-existent reader.

Well, that is post #1. Next time on The Science of Fiction I will share with you the greatest single resource for shopping your work their ever was! Yes, the greatest, none greater. I know this seems out of order. I should post on how to improve your work first, but frankly I want to get this handy little secret out of the way now while no one is watching. I can’t ethically hide it, but I can wrap it in obscurity!





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